November 01, 2000

Frodus: Shelby Cinca
Interview composed by SHZine - November 2000

So, when do you think "And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea" will hit the streets? Your webpage says in 2000 but Tooth & Nail says November. Is this album gonna rock?

The album will come out hopefully early next year (March?). It's all recorded and mixed, and the consensus is that it does rock, there are moments where it's more laid back as well. It's a more dynamic album.

Is it still just you, Jason and Nathan as the band? Has it always been this way?

Yup, it's still us three. We went through many bassist changes in the past, we had 4 different bassists in our past recordings. 1: Jim cooper, 2: Andy Duncan, 3: Howard Pyle, 4: R Mason

How was the studio time while you guys were recording? It was during the summer right?

We spent one whole month in the studio, it was great. We worked really hard and used all the time up. Since we were spending more time we were paying a lot more attention to detail and on the structure of the songs. It gave the songs room to breathe and develop and really become what they should be.

I've never bee to any of your shows yet, but I hear that they're amazing. What kind of crazy stuff have you done at shows?

We just try to put a lot into our shows, to really play the songs well and get across the intensity of our songs. We have gone crazy with megaphones and other madness. Now, I think we just plan on trying to make interesting sounds and set a mood at our shows with a balance of vocal songs and spacey instrumentals.

How would you say the Frodus Conglomerate affects the economy?

Economy is the enemy

Does Frodus have any plans to come to Canada?

We've been to Canada before. We plan on coming back perhaps around the time of the release of our next record.

What do you guys think of Macgyver?
A genius in makeshift gadgetry; the master of emergency improvisations.

There's a rumour going around about Frodus on the Family Values tour. Does this excite you?

I haven't heard that rumour. It's funny though, it excites me in a way a gerbil is excited about sunflower seeds... a good time.

What's the biggest thing you've ever eaten?


I haven't heard any of Frodus' old stuff at all, what would you say it's like?

Less complex, more screamy. I think.

What daytime TV shows did you enjoy viewing as a kid growing up?

Cartoons at 4:00 PM. GI Joe, etc.

Who are sme of the bands you've enjoyed touring with? Have you guys been able to make connections and establish yourselves in the buddy-buddy system network of the modern music industry?

Atomic Fireball, Blue Bird, Nine, Refused. Industry is the machine, FCI is the oil.

What are you kids into doing when you've got some time to waste?


Any last words for the kids?

Your weapons are useless.

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