June 01, 2002

Mitzi: The Burlesque House Dog
Interview composed by Jason Nicholas - June 2002 @ The Burlesque House

When were you born?

(cock's head... whines... whines again... begins to whine some more... lies down and faces the other way... is then convinced her tail is not a part of her and begins to chase it)

STOP IT! Who gave you the name Mitzi?

(stares blankly at a wall... breathes deep and lets out a gargantuous sigh... proceeds to lick lips... closes eyes)

Touchy subject, eh?

(continues to breath deeply)

Have you ever been raped by a larger dog? Like a Great Dane? You know, the ones with the huge cocks.

(raises eyebrows... closes eyes and dreams of Great Dane cock... falls asleep)

Thanks for your time!

(farts and smells her bum)

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