December 01, 2002

Benjamin Kennedy - The Abodox

Interview composed by Stu Hood - December 2002

So where did the guy on the keyboards go? He wasn't playing the last time I saw The AbodoX

We thought having another member was a good idea. We were wrong.

The band's style is intense and spooky, even without the keyboards. How did you come to
develop this sound, and enter it into technical rhythms?

We are not in the practice of actively developing sound. If we knew where it came from, we
would go there and never return.

What kind of people do you find are attracted to the band's music? Is it more of a
die-hard metal crowd, or more diverse?

We tend to get a consistent response regardless of the genre-click a particular audience
member may belong to.

You guys have played the Paradox venue in Seattle quite a few times since it started up in
1999. How have things been going there for them?

The Paradox, as a venue, is closing. Visit for information on their
future plans. We are grateful for all they have done for us.

Do you guys still have people dress up in red cellophane who torment the crowd while their
nut sacks are half hanging out? (We have pictures to prove it).

We would love to have "engines" again, but our band budget and schedule can no longer
support such a luxury. We are very supportive of aspiring engines who can produce their own supplies.

Is Stradhoughton Echo still together? I remember seeing them a couple years ago being and

Stradhoughton Echo formally broke up earlier this year also due to a lack of time and funds. We have an unfinished full-length and tons of ideas that we hope to revisit someday.

What's the concept of the other side band, The Ben Kennedys? I haven't seen or heard
anything, but I've been told about it.

The Ben Kennedys is the three members of The AbodoX playing pop songs. We have a
full-length available (email for more information).

Lastly, where would you guys like to see the band headed in the future? Would it be a goal
for you guys to find a label and progress from there?

We will be recording a new record in March and then in June, we are planning to change our
name to La Bete and leave Seattle for good playing shows and searching for label support. We will kick off our new gypsy
identity by touring the states with She Level.

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