December 02, 2003

Role Models

Hey look I'm writing a column. But seriously kids, what's with the whole role model deal? Everyone so concerned with society today is blaming today's role models of pop culture or whatever that shit is called these days. I know these icons don't even want to be considered role models, but they are and that's that. I'm really disappointed, though, in the apparent need for GOOD role models for our little peons to emulate which leads to a frantic search for some god among men who we should all walk and talk like.

It's such a cliche, but the easy solution of 'being yourself' really is the ultimate success of growing up untainted by polluted media. Ditch the role model emergency and get on with a little independence and individuality. I mean instead of talking like some hipster from the mid-nineties and dressing like a UFO that crash-landed in India you could be having a lot more fun mustering your own personality with some self-derived creativity. Sure you'll no doubt be influenced by every little thing that invades your wandering head by the thousands each day, but make up your own goddamn little catch phrases, cause we all know the ones that go around get old fast.

This goes beyond the masses, because we all have our own little heroes we dream about each day and wish to live as a carrier of their sacred torch. Not happening, man; don't mess with their shit. Sure it's brilliant and will change everyone's lives if they pay attention, but quit strutting around like their half-mutated clone degrading everything good and holy. Inspiration from role models will give everyone the same idea to do the exact same thing, like start half-assed bands and write really shitty poems. Utilization of this inspiration should be lead to the collective influence that is YOU, and not your latest brainstormed project to take over the world.

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