January 01, 2004

Stu Hood - SHZine
Interview composed by Jonnyvalid - January 2004

When Stu phoned my agent to do the interview, Marty was like: "What the H E double hockey-stick?" Then, I reminded him that publicity was good for me, even though I still don't know what that word means. There was a lot of things Stu said that were clipped out like, "Do you know what the difference between you and me is? I make this thang look goooooooood." And, "Oh." Honestly though, i'm satisfied with this in-depth conversation.

Hello Stu!

Hey Jonny Valid.

Well, it's one word. It's "Jonnyvalid" but i'll forgive you because you're so big now! Har har. It's good to see you, Stu.

Oh okay. Good to see you too... tight little office we're in, eh?

Yes it is. How long, roughly, have you been making Shzine.com?

Since 1999 I think... it used to be a print zine of personal poetry and music reviews. I only put out 2 issues then started doing it online.

What inspired you to leap significantly onto the media-wagon?

Well, when I was first introduced to zines I guess. A friend sent me one and, like a lot of people who come across personal zines, it inspired me to come up with something of my own. As for turning it more towards a music-related webzine, I just thought there were, and still are, a lot of bands and artists out there that I love that don't get enough recognition.

Those are great motives for managing an e-zine! Isn't it a little ridiculous that last time we "had this talk," you were interviewing me? Now we've both deported to other lands, and are illegal immigrants in our own homes! That's insane! Who inspires you to design, write, or make music? Also, are you familiar with the French marshal and commander in chief of Allied forces on the western front during World War I? His name was Foch.

I don't think I have any specific inspirations. Mostly just bits of things that I come across that I find interesting. Though lately I have been inspired a lot by psychologically scary things like certain horror movies... or even bands that paint a demented picture in my head. The Paper Chase is good at that... and Swans. And, haha, no I didn't know about him.

Hmm. The Paper Chase. Aren't they from Toronto?

No, they're from Texas.

Oh. I guess someone's been painting images across my eyes with a long rudder, because that's news to me! I am so incoherent.

You nutcrack.

What do you think about the increasing success of the SHZine message board?

I think the board is great... there's not a whole lot of clutter... mostly just you guys posting rotations... but it's a place I call home.

I'm sorry, could you repeat that response?

I think the board is great... there's not a whole lot of clutter.. mostly just you guys posting rotations... but it's a place I call home.

Oh, thank you. Do you feel like Andy Wallace? You know, all these bands wanting a piece of you like you're organic Tofu spread? And have you considered letting SHZine evolve into an Indie label?

Heh no. No indie labels coming from my hands anytime this millennium. And really not a whole lot of bands are after my sweet and salty criticism which is fantastic cause I'd just sell their demo for 50 cents at the used cd store anyways.

So you can provide distribution for bands all the way to Toronto CD stores? Hmm...Where do I sign up? No, i'm just teasing. I'm having a larf here.

Larf it up, dad.

What has your experience of the "T dot scene" been like compared to good ol' Abbotsford?

Well, with the bigger cities I guess it's just a lot more impersonal... but i don't know... a lot of my friends are in Abbotsford and in small towns people are more inspired out of boredom to actually do something exciting. There's lots to do here, though, but it can be harder to find something new and exciting.

I'm not sure if i'm getting off at this stop, or the next one, but I certainly am on the same train as you. I agree.


I personally find it better when some dude with a Korn hoodie is rocking out during a set than when a fashion-doll is slightly nodding his head and Le Tigre shirt to the beat, while glaring passionately. Do you find security in clothing?

Yeah... I usually get pretty cold and self-conscious without my clothes.

Hmm. Am I talking to myself again? It seems as though you have the same opinions as I. I think that's a rap, Stukopp! That's your russian name, because, remember, we are both illegal immigrants!

Oh... yeah... shhhh.

That was foreshadowing at the start of the interview! Thanks for giving me YOUR time for YOUR site! LOVE!

Peace... the H is O.

Thanks bud.

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