April 25, 2004

Shut the Fuck Up

by Stu

  So lately I've made it my habit to tell every other thing that comes my way to shut the fuck up. I've found
it to be therapeutically soothing.. like the commercials on TV that tell me what I should doing with my life every
five minutes.. shut the fuck up. Or hearing people discussing art, or their new favourite band, or the last episode
of the OC.. shut the fuck up.

  So much stress and useless drama comes out of everyone's asses through useless chit-chat
and blown up fanatical opinions. Hey look at me.. give me attention.. shut the fuck up. Why is popularity and elitism so
desired? Think that's not the case? We've all been witness to the online friend collecting communities scattered
with jackasses who think posing sideways and half-naked make them somewhat interesting spectacles of light. Shut the fuck

  I don't mean to sound pessimistic or cynical or jaded or whatever you might call a whiny son of a bitch, but 99% of
everything in this world is bullshit or some marketing scam, so my new habit has certainly not lost its vigor. It's a
healthy solution of critical thinking too. I recommend it for those moments when you feel lost and have no control over
developing an opinion on something and some ballbreaker is spewing out shit-stained fits of 'enlightenment'. Or whatever...
you know what I mean.. shut the fuck up.

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