July 25, 2004

Words That Suck

This word sucks because it's all that stupid pseudo-psychologists talk about.. 'society is this and that'.. 'society needs to learn how to do things MY way'. Fuck the fuck off.

You never know when it's cool or not to like this word. Yesterday it was cool.. today.. hmm no. Tomorrow.. probably. Fuckin hippies.

Have you ever heard a second-rate physicist talk for more than two seconds? Chances are you've heard this word a dozen times within those two seconds.

Ideally this word is on my awesome list, but 'essentially', 'society' has blasphemed it and used it to lure people into getting things that are NOT free.

When it's come to the fact that 'ignorant' people use this word to describe their fellow humans, you just know its meaning has become obscured.

Yah what did you suspect, the word 'cliche' has become itself a cliche. It's like this world is eating its own head.

Like 'essentially', this word is used more by the pseudo-philosophers who think they've discovered aether.

Another word 'quintessentially' botched by 'society'. I mean, New York and Newfoundland are far from their pristine births, and like old people, 'new' things suck.

These days it's some kind of marketing fad for every single commercial on television to begin with this word. Therefore, like commercials, it sucks.

the media
This is the scapegoat for 'society', and 'society' is the scapegoat for 'the media'. Give it a rest. Or as Jason Nicholas would say: DUDE.. MASTURBATE!

It's what the 'scene' kids call each other without even knowing what it means.

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