September 21, 2005

Those Little Fuckers

Lately the house I live in has been seeing an increase in the amount of mice scurrying around. Last night I was following one around in my room to see where it went. I did some online research on mouse control and learned that they rarely run across open spaces, so that forced me to tidy up my floor and my closet so I could see where they might run. It also helps to pull anything like dressers, desks or shelves a couple inches away from the wall so they don't have anywhere to hide.

This morning before school I went to the hardware store and bought some standard wooden spring traps for about a dollar each. The New York State Department of Health web page on mice control recommends setting the traps in pairs in a corner, so I did that and baited them with peanut butter.

When I got home after school I checked the traps I set in one of the bottom cupboards in the kitchen to see two dead mice, one in each trap. I was suprised because usually if one traps goes off it will trigger the other one right away since they're right beside each other. Also, mice usually run around at night, so catching two during the day seems a little lucky.

In other news, my good friends You Say Party! We Say Die! got their new album reviewed on Pitchfork. They'll be playing here in Toronto on Friday the 23rd at O'Grady's.

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Matthew said...

Oi! I didn't know you had a blog.
Perhaps we can make tiny little signs that say 'fuck off' and pin them to the skirting boards, then the mice will get the message.