October 31, 2005


This was my costume Saturday night for Goin' Steady's Monster Mash. The spring break flag is part of my roomate Jenna's costume as a ghoul gone wild. I had too much to drink that night. The highlight was talking to whoever those guys were who dressed up as Terry and Deaner from Fubar. FUCKIN' BIN DER DUN DAT!

Attended Hotel Canzine yesterday at the Gladstone. I brought about 100 zines in total to give out for free and managed to get rid of them all, so I'm out of extra copies for those of you who would like to have the new one mailed to you. If you want to email me your mailing address I can mail one out to you the next time I make copies, which will hopefully be soon.

Anyway, it was a crowded affair at the Gladstone. Everyone was either squished behind their table or hugging each other in the aisles. Upstairs were different rooms for different artists or outfits. My favourite was Infiltration's room. A security guard stood menacingly outside a dark room that had a no trespassing sign. We went inside with a flashlight provided by the security guard and snooped around. I left with Ninjalicious's new book Access All Areas, a handy guide to urban exploration.


WIDYMD=#32467:EJT#; KIDYMD=#205719:EJTA#; BSUID=1; FRQSTR=18830509x205719:1:1440|18830509|18830509|1 said...

i've gotta check out "Access All Areas" next time i'm in the ossington and bloor area ;)

WIDYMD=#32467:EJT#; KIDYMD=#205719:EJTA#; BSUID=1; FRQSTR=18830509x205719:1:1440|18830509|18830509|1 said...

errrh, said mike

Stephen Jersak said...

I totally want one of the zines! I'll email as soon as I'm not lazy.

Raina said...

I was supposed to go to CanZine. Sounds like it was awesome.