October 09, 2005

A Look at the News

Waking up this morning I tried remembering an idea I had to write about, but since I didn't write it down when I had it it's nowhere to be found for now. It had me wondering about the things we forget, and whether our consciousness really keeps the more important memories in trade for less insignificant ones. I'm sure if I actually did anything important that I forgot about someone would end up reminding me. Anyways.. here's some news and commentary.

Ottawa set to unveil tuition relief
Good to see new Human Resources Minister Belinda Stronach pushing on educational spending as a result of the NDP-Liberal deal last spring. Though this and the new deal to ease energy costs for low-income Canadians is likely ritualistic in the wake of another pending national election. Having a minority government with the leading party under federal investigation isn't as bad as it seems so far, it's almost as if the government is trying to win our favour instead of pushing its own agenda. Amazing!

President Bush may veto anti-torture amendment
Why doesn't someone veto his face from ever existing again?

Catholic Church Disses Bible?
This is interesting. The big C is re-acknowledging some degree of Biblical fallibility? Perhaps it's another example of an institution trying to dig themselves out of one hisortical mudslide after another by actually doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Archimedes's Death Ray realized
Psychic seeks $25 million reward for Saddam

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