September 26, 2006

Animated Cell Video


This is pretty amazing. Scientists at Harvard put together this animated clip of what the microscopic world of a living cell is like: Link


Also, I just got a new voice recorder for school, an Olympus WS-320M, and decided to try out its capabilities by recording Fun 100's show in Toronto a few days ago. Although it only records in WMA format and at 64 kbps, it turned out better than expected (click here to hear it ~25MB).

It's also an mp3 player, so I've been bringing it with me everywhere I go. It's weird because I don't think I've ever owned a portable music player besides a walkman back in the day.

Listening to muic everywhere I go makes me feel like I'm doing things, like going to work on the subway, for the first time. It also makes me feel more relaxed. I was always a little weary that having a portable music player would turn me into a drone and limit the time I have to think and let my mind wander, but I find that it's actually been making me think more creatively.

I always knew how much listening to music on good headphones can be a way better experience, but since I haven't really done it in a while I kind of forgot how much better it is.

On the subway I had an idea for a headphone mechanism that should be invented, or if it's already invented then it would be something I wouldn't mind having. Since I kept having to adjust the volume level whenever external noise stared to get louder or quieter, the idea was to have a mic on the headphone to detect the noise levels of the surrounding area and adjust the volume for you.

It seems like an easy enough thing to implement, and something music nerds would totally go for if it actually worked well.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful video. I didn't know that the vacuole transport motor proteins actually walk!

A living cell is a vast engineering marvel completed at the molecular level.