October 20, 2006

aside from myspace, the internet CAN be useful!

i was told by my friend kenny that with some coca-cola vending machines there is a code that you can enter into it by pressing the coca-cola buttons and up pops the menu. from there you can choose to empty out the money and BOOSH, you can get about 100 bucks in quarters and loonies and twoonies depending on where you go. ( wal-mart is the best)

i wanted to know if this could actually work or not so i hopped onto my laptop and started searching for ways to scam vending machines and basically TAKE THE MAN DOWN. (hehehe)

THIS is what i found.
a whole website devoted to a slew of infomation including how to make your own drugs, how to build your own ham radio, textfiles on the occult (!) even how to make a computer virus. the best part is that this isnt all new information, but the man who started this site decided that the years they focus on is from 1980-1995.



Jonny Chance said...

Unfortunately, after a lot of searching during one day in the summer, I came to the conclusion that the menu trick can't do anything useful if you don't also have a key, at least not on any newer machine.

There is one kind that you can jam though so you get three for one bottles of pop.

Jason Scott said...

Glad you like my site.

Jason Scott said...

Glad you liked my site.