October 23, 2006


so for those that haven't heard yet, chad was admitted to the hospital in seattle last night.. here's what's up.


"Chad from In Stride was injured and went into cardiac arrest at the show tonight. He's at the Harborview ICU, in serious but stable condition. He is going to be in an induced coma for 24 hours, and then over the next 24 hours the drugs will be wearing off. Then he should be in a position where he can wake up if he's going to at that point. Right now there is not a lot we can really do except wait. Please keep him in your best wishes and prayers during this critical time. "

brant says:

"What people could do for him that I think he would appreciate
is make him mix tapes and letters wishing him to get well.
I can only assume he is going to be bed ridden for awhile."

Chad Loewen
1668-A east pender st.
vancouver, BC
v5l 1w3

if you know him
then send him tapes!

if you dont
then listen to instride.
and then send him tapes.


Stu Hood said...

oh man.. best wishes chad


Anonymous said...

We're all thinking about you and missing you over here at family services. Take care and we're sending all our positive vibes and energy your way!
All of us @ Family services youth detox