October 19, 2006

deaf humour

im having troubles thinking of what to write about.
and, this being my first blog.. is not a good sign.
i could take lead from ryan and write about my job. but who wants to hear about enimas and suppositories? actually it does seem like i would have good work stories.. but i dont really. i just go there, do my job, and surprisingly maintain a serious/professional mannerism while dealing with bodily fluids and things that would normally send me back to a grade 3 mind-set.

i read jasons blog, about house parties and young people and the sorts. i live in a 3 story home with 9 people. youd think we'd live communally while at the same time take care of ourselves, clean up after ourselves, etc etc. well.. ive realized that no matter where i live and who i live with.. this just wont happen. most people will kick aside last nights shattered beer bottles with no problem and most people will brush aside last weeks macaroni encrusted pots and stained pans .. no problem. i mean, with 9 peple living in one house.. someone else take care of it, right? but, anyways.. what am i getting at? not much. just that i think living with roomies is always gonna be a pain in the ass one way or another. until i have my own family (or, probably more realistically, move back in with my current family) im gonna be living with roomies who are awesome but not so awesome at the same time.
life, hey? we all live one.

deaf humour is good humour
"you dont have to yell, im not blind!"

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Stu Hood said...

Life.. it happens.