October 25, 2006


here's the thing.... i'm waaaaaay over choosing favorites. i mean, that's not to say that i don't like things, cause i love things! it's just that how can you pick one thing to be the best ever? it's impossible and in my opinion should not be done. it's fair to have some that you like better than others, but to say it's your favorite is like shooting your load before you even get it in.
and really, who cares what your favorite color, pickle, car, website, memory, pencil, card trick, joke, soda pop, beer, family member or politician is!? it's all going (hopefully) change in a year or so anyways. i mean, that is if you are questioning your opinions so that you aren't afraid to prove yourself wrong from time to time.

just a thought.


Stu Hood said...

"to say it's your favorite is like shooting your load before you even get it in".. haha gold!

yeah like seriously.. who has a favourite colour?.. come on people.. THEY'RE JUST FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT.. like ultraviolet radio waves..

that's it.. my favourite colour is radio.. no x-ray.. that's a sweet colour

t-t-tracey said...


t-t-tracey said...

also, in school, at the earliest age possible, we are asked for favourites! i remember id always put my hand up to ask the teacher "but what if i dont have a favourite colour?" and the teacher would always say JUST PICK ONE! so i did, and blue was my favourite because it was gurpreets favourite. but then i found out that ornage was my dads favourite, so i changed it to orange.
dont get me started on animals! how could i possibly decide..