October 25, 2006

Firefox 2... Jajah.. (not) PWNED!

So I went and updated to Firefox 2 today and decided to check out some of the addons. One of them was for Jajah.com, which interested me because of its description:

JAJAH lets you make free or very low cost global telephone calls directly from Firefox using your regular mobile or landline phone. No headsets, microphones, special equipment, or fees are required.

So I decided to try it out.. but it didn't work, which I kind of expected because it seemed like some freaky in the future thing. But then I tried it in Internet Explorer and it DID work. I put in my number, then I put in Jaosn's number and BAM, my phone rang and it conneted me to Jaosn's phone over in B.C., charging me like 2 cents a minute.

But yeah.. it didn't work in Firefox 2, which is weird, because I have an addon for it that is now useless.

Update: Frederik from Jajah.com was nice enough to contact me and we worked through the problem. The Firefox plugin does work, I think the problem was with registering with the website or something. Thanks Frederik!

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