October 26, 2006

maybe this is why i like deaf humour

people who know me and know me well.. know that i have a short-cut habit around the english language. i cant say for certain why or how this happens.. i mean, i write well, i think well, but i speak.. not so.. well. some common simple examples would be "how you do?" (not as a subsitute for "how are you doing?" but a subsitute for "how do you do this?") "i go here now" and "how much cost?" etc etc etttc... i am serious when i say that these phrases come out of me without even thinking about them, but i dont know if its a habit or, more involved, a lack of mental preparation. but, either way, if someone corrects me or gives me a shocked look after i spout out a jumbled grammatical erred sentence, i cant help but feel embarrassed.
so anyways, what im getting at is i have this new job and it happens to be with a lot of people who have english as their second language. although someone did ask me how long ive been in canada for, they seem to accept my weird english traits very nicely, and yesterday i even got away with saying "how much pant she have?" with no confused looks what-so-ever!

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