October 30, 2006

MP3: Ivan Hrvatska - Make Love to Vancouver Canucks

Clavin sent me this song by Ivan Hrvatska from Vancouver called Make Love to Vancouver Canucks. Really a lot like Borat, but this guy's been around since way before. I think he claims to be from Croatia, according to his MySpace page anyway. He likes to make love to things, and sing about it.

This song also reminds me of that Wendel Clark song that used to be on the radio. I've tried to find it, but it seems to be lost forever in time. It went like "His name is Wendel... Wendel Clark" and then it made fun of him and stuff.

Check it: Ivan Hrvatska - Make Love to Vancouver Canucks (MP3 ~ 1.54 MB)

Also, from YouTube:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ma svaka ti dala, genije!!!!!
Let's make looooove to croatia to Dubrovnik!!!!
Go go go Vancouver Canucks