November 29, 2006

Band you should know about #6

Due to the current weather us B.C. people have been having, I decided that a little music should warm up our souls. So why not make it Surf Music! From New Zealand!



Yes Folks, a man with tape on his face, playing surf music! YES!
Here's what his bio has to say:

"There has never been a more mysterious man made of tape than THEE MYSTERIOUS TAPE MAN! Made completely out of the very thing he lived to make - TAPE! Fused to himself in a film shooting accident, the manifestations of his life's autobiography, exposed onto virgin celluloid film, became the very thing that disposed of his former self! Crawling out from the briny depths from which this mortifying incident unfurled, his primitive desires to rock and roll collide with our world to formulate one of the most exciting acts the world has ever known."


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