November 16, 2006

British and French Elvis

I just found these guys on youtube, and was stoked on their stage antics. Lots of pelvic thrusts and mic stand antics. I had never heard of either so I did some deep research (wikipedia) and found out that the first guy, brit Vince Taylor, got all messed up on drugs in the 60's and blew his career, while the frenchy Johnny Hallyday had a more average life with lots of short marriages and about 3000 albums.

In one of the other videos he humps and strokes a wooden post. Right on.

Oh, and dig this:
"...several days before the concert Vince and Stash went back to London for a gig where they met Bob Dylan, Nico and a few other people from the Acid Rock scene. A mixture of acid, amphetamines and alcohol proved fatal to his mind and in front of a full house, on the brink of becoming a huge international star, he had a break down - coming on stage and trying to evangelize the audience, he claimed to be the prophet Matthew, and he preached until the band agreed with everything he was saying. The audience pretended not to understand, thinking that it was part of the show. But after 15 minutes and a few poorly executed songs, he began to wreck the whole stage like The Who, but this was before the set was even played."


In one of this guy's other videos he humps the air and the camera cuts to a shot of a bunch of girls from the waist down.

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