November 11, 2006

Christmas Time

What I love about the months leading up to Christmas is the music. I feel really "safe" when I hear the familiar notes of Christmas carols coming off an electric guitar in every commercial, or being squeezed through a saxophone while running errands, obeying the aforementioned advertisement. It's really comforting to know that scores of people can and will buy a shopping cart full of CDs with different versions of my twelve favourite holiday songs. Who knows what "zany" vamping today's contemporary smooth jazz performers will include in Jingle Bells. I guess we'll find out as we slowly walk through department stores hypnotically admiring the lights and ribbons.

After that we can go cut down a tree, bring it home, hang our freshly purchased "knick-knacks" on it, listen to our new CDs (should I put in blues or adult contemporary?), and get thoroughly covered with sap. We're going to throw it away in a month, but doesn't the dying tree look wonderful? I'm going to go make a small donation to Operation Christmas Child before driving around in my SUV, admiring the thousands of dollars of Christmas shit my neighbours put on their lawn.

Don't you love Christmas?

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Stu Hood said...


i'm gonna go vamp out with my lamp out