November 01, 2006

Mr. Plow
Interview composed by Stu Hood - November 2006

One criteria for determining if you're a douche is if you've never heard of Mr. Plow. This guy's been doing the music thing since before the turn of the new millennium, back when the internet only had two websites and Marylin Manson was considered scary. If you've seen Mr Plow or heard any of his albums, you'd know how funny and brilliant his songs are. This interview was done over MySpace, "a place for jerks".

You've been doing this since 97. Why in god's name aren't you sick and tired of it?

Every show is like a choose your own adventure story. You don't know how it's gonna turn out. Sometimes you save the fair maiden in distress and other times you just die in a pit of molten lava.

When doing a long tour for six week's there are days when all i want to do is go home but then i eat vitamin G (white gravy) and get all my strength to continue on.

Being solo acoustic makes it easy to come up with new song's and that makes it easier to carry on. Cuz i'm not playing the same song's night after night. I can change it up when ever i want.

Your latest release, Chairman Plow's Little Red Book, tackles a lot of key issues that many kids today deal with, such as emo music and instant messaging. How much importance do you place on spreading a positive message to today's generation?

Positive message? I just sing about what either bothers me or makes me laugh. Kids today got too much to worry about in daily life. I'm just trying to lighten the load through song. If I think it's funny then I'll sing about it. Emo sucks and get a haircut and put a proper pic of yourself up on MySpace. And learn to take a joke.

What are some of the bands you've been in?

I used to be quite the band whore back in the 90's. I played in four bands all at the same time. I played drums in the Chick Magnets, guitar and vocals in Offday, bass and vocals in Dwayne Dibley and His Magical Hairy Areolas and bass in Hissy Fit. There were other projects too such as The Mad Dragons with DCC and No Offense which was the punk version of Mr. Plow.

What are some major changes you've noticed in the music scene over the past 9 years?

It seems the more touring I do the less I know about the Vancouver scene. I go away and come back and there are twenty new bands with weird names and also twenty dead bands with good names. The scene seems to be like a rollercoaster; it has great moments and real scary ones as well. Canada has a good musical gene pool that no one outside the country know's about. Canadian bands need to show the world what we got. As Cinderella would say, "don't know what you got til it's gone gone gone."

What's it like playing at weddings?

Weddings are a blast. Usually the bride and or groom knows my songs and asks me to play. I make them write out my setlist so if people do get offended they can talk to them. Open bar and wicked food always makes it that much better as well. Plus, they usually wait until all the immediate family is gone from the reception so the real fun can begin. I got one already lined up for 2007 hopefully. I can get at least a couple more.

You're on your way to play in Ontario in December. Have you been out here to play before?

I've been as far as Halifax three times over the last five years. Once with D.O.A., once with the Dayglo Abortions and then earlier this year with B.A. Johnston. The crowds are quite receptive to what I do, especially on the Dayglo's tour- it went real well. I can't wait to come back to Ontario on December 12-16th and rip it up again with the 3tards. One of my favorite bands by the way. Every time I play in Toronto there is a pit when i'm up on stage. I have to close my eyes while playing because I find it too funny. People stage diving to my songs. Makes me giggle.

Check it: Mr. Plow's MySpace page and Mr. Plow's website.

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