November 09, 2006

myspace and all of its glory

okay so by now we probably all have a myspace account. we probably are always on myspace wasting our time at the office until its time to go. a lot of people really like and feel as though it helps them make new friends and allows them to feel better about themselves in some weird way. also, it provides people with a shit-load of new music to discover.

well, i figured since we all love new music, why not have a daily update of new myspace music, where people post new bands they've found through myspace.
bands that need maybe more exposure, or you just feel inclined to share with the world.

so i will start off with

i had a cd of his a long time ago, but it got stolen when i was in vancouver and the car got broken into. from what i remembered from the cd though was that it was not exactly generic indie/pop music, but more of bleeps and bloops and some asian lady singing over some distorted drums and then rusty santos singing on top of everything. i really liked it, and i forgot about him until today, when i found him on myspace.
on his myspace page it lists off a slew of artists that he DOESNT sound like, but lets face it folks, if you like avey tare or the animal collective or pretty much any of the artists thats listed, you will like rusty santos.
i would like to share with you


also, if you really despise myspace and just want to rant and rave about how people take it seriously and that top 8 lists are ruining friendships etc, then you can go here


and i also found this
its an awards site for the worst haircut on myspace. you know all those emo idiots who have stupid captions under their photos like " for you i bleed myself dry" blah blah blah? well, this guy put out and award for the worst haircut of those guys.
check it out here!


till tomorrow!

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