November 14, 2006

myspace band of the day #3

Good day!

Let's all sink back to say around 2001-2002, where there was good music everywhere you looked and listened. By good music, I mean not folk and not dance punk. There was The WPP, Red Light Sting, Raft of Dead Monkeys, Fiver, etc, etc, etc, etc, and The Dismemberment Plan. Remember those guys? I certainly do. You should too if you know whats good for you, which brings me to today's band of the day.

They are called So Many Dynamos. I've known about them for a while now, and I finally feel ready to share them with you (sometimes you find a band and you wanna keep it secret).

This band has everything you could possibly ask for:
-a nice use of synths
-screamy-yelly vocals
-good mathy riffs
-the feeling that everything is gonna be a-okay now.

They started out in 2003 and have released an EP and one album and from what I understand; their first album was mixed by the D-Plan. I guess that goes to show you that they really do like the D-Plan. Plus they have a Canadian connection! (I'm getting all Nardwuar on you) They have toured and played with Vancouver's own In Medias Res!

Anyway, before I get all carried away about how fucking good these guys are, here is the band of the day brought to you by SHZine and

*download the four songs and listen to them over and over again!*


Till tomorrow...

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