November 06, 2006

singin' in the rain.

i like walking.
no, let me take that back and say, i love going for walks. i walk off hangovers, bangovers and even shameovers. it's a good chance to gain some perspective on what you're up to.
some of my favorite walks are those late night ones, where the city is asleep and there are only a few signs of life wandering around or snoring in back alleys. the best kind of midnight walks are similar to the one i had last night.
when it's pouring rain out and you're wandering around a city alone, it's seems like you're the only person alive in the city. everything is so peaceful. around the 20 minute mark you'll start to get soaked to the bone, but it is all so worth it. the corner near my home, where all the junkies and drug dealers hang out, is deserted. the traffic lights bear no relevance and there are streams flowing down every street and lakes sloshing around in parkinglots. it's a wonderland out there. i can't wait until my work day is done so that i can strap on my gumboots and splash my way home.


Stu Hood said...

i have to agree.. i used to have mondays and tuesdays off.. and the city streets were deserted in the evenings, when everyone else was in bed early... it's even more mystical when there's a fresh layer of snow and every thing's even quieter and sparkly

Anonymous said...

me too, me too. i did that last night too!
... a walk to remember....
-steve m

418 said...

If you love walking so much why don't you marry it?

I love walking too, but I'm not ready for a commitment yet.