November 03, 2006

thiefs thieving

so as of late there have been some thieves crawling around our neighborhood stealing shit that dont belong to them.
our neighbors $1500 bicycle was stolen 2 days ago along with some other stuff.
another one of our neighbors car was almost jimmied open with a crow-bar. the sad/funny thing is
that this theif does it in broad daylight where everyone could seen him. he even left the crowbar behind right in front of the car.
john winchester went around to all the house in the neighborhood letting them know there is a thief running about and that if they spot any trouble, to call us. we've got them covered.

today, this thief tried his way with our garage door...

we have lots of expensive gear in that garage of ours. LOTS of expensive gear.
little does this thief know that he's messin' with the wrong house.
you see, the people who live in this house are winchesters. if you dont know who or what a winchester is, then lets put it this way....

the abby winchesters is a gang of ruffians who you dont wanna fuck with. we carry baseball bats and have friends in high places. basically we are like the abbotsford mob. you dont fuck with us, we dont fuck with you. at the same time, we are nice.

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Solo-Soldier said...

Gang of one is gunning for the wind-chesterfields. Solo-Soldier is coming your way.

Way to take care of thieves though, Solo-Sodier will not interfere with the punishment of true criminals