December 15, 2006

Fun 100 Breaking Up

I guess most of you know, but this is the official announcement of our breakup. There are a bunch of different reasons, but mostly it’s because it’s just time. None of us want this to turn into something we don’t like… we don’t wanna get bored with it.
BUT! We still have some good times ahead:

A) Last Sunday we recorded 4 songs that are being put together with a leftover from our last recording session in February on a limited edition EP on Hockey Dad records. 100 copies with awesome artwork by one of my favorite doodle artists, Owen Plummer. The EP is available only from us at shows and through the good ol’ mail. 5 bones for 5 songs, those songs being: Shitty Band, Slide into Jerry, Foam Improvement, Ghetto Mall and Prom. Email us if you want a copy!
B) We’re going to the island this weekend! This will be the last “roadtrip” ever. Friday night will be at Lucky’s with Vincat, Run Chico Run and the Doers. That should be a blast and a half. Saturday is in Courtenay, the first place we played outside of the Lower Mainland. It is at the Linc Youth Center and it is all ages, so be there!
C) On Sunday night we are playing out teenage punk fantasies at the Cobalt! We’re playing with You Say Party! We Say Die!, Chris-a-riffic vs. Mr. Plow and the Frosted Tipz from Alberta. This is our last show of the year!
D) On January 26th we are playing at the Plaza with Polysics! This is a big deal for us! The Polysics! I don’t know what we would sound like if we’d never heard these guys. Please come out and support Kyle and Kohls biggest show yet!
E) February 3rd at the Mount Pleasant Community Center is our last show. Yep. It’s All Ages. It is also the Badamps last show. The Doers and SIDS from Calgary are also coming out to celebrate our last show. It will be a hoot for sure. So be there!

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Daniel said...

They will be missed.