January 22, 2007

Jesus Camp

Just watched Jesus Camp today, and if you're into being disturbed by evangelical culture, this movie is a gold mine. Having been raised in a Pentecostal environment, most of the stuff was familiar to me and reminded me of a lot of the fucked-up things that impressionable children are subject to by radical religious groups.

It's a little too obvious that the makers of this film tried to "sinisterize" the people in it with creepy music and emphasizing odd behaviour, and that was a bit of a turn off. To be honest, the movie was crazy enough by itself.

Also, one of our writers, Big D, went to the church in the film when he was younger.

Interesting moments:
-Props to the ten-year-old for favouring Christian heavy metal over "Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan... [who] I could definitely care less about."

-One of the songs I recognized was Carman's Who's In the House, played during one the the seminars.

-Preacher lady: "It's like being on the cover of Rolling Stones."

I have a feeling a lot of these kids are going to be embarrassed watching this film when they're older.

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