January 26, 2007

Who Wants To Be An Amerikan

This is a film that my old roommates were apart of making this past fall. They were both students at Vancouver Film School. It is featured as the number one video on the first page of "youtube" today and has generated 89 pages of comments so far. WOW!

I attempted to put this crazy embedded garbage you get on youtube so you can view it here, but blogger is being a prick for me. DAMN YOU FOREIGN LANGUAGE! I CAN'T SPEAK HTML! Thankfully, The amazing Stu Hood has cleaned this up so you can view it easy.


Stu said...

Cleaned it up for you. That video's pretty hilarious.

Stu said...

I was just talking to my old neighbour who went to VFS, and he showed me a movie that was featured on YouTube that his old room mate did:

Stu said...

Oh yeah.. and Colin Janz did the music and sound effects for that video.