February 20, 2007

Death By Popcorn: The Tragedy of the Winnipeg Jets

I managed to find this movie on my favourite documentary torrent site MVGroup and can easily say it is the best art film/sports documentary ever made. The film chronicles the history of Winnipeg and their Jets in a very dark and at many times comedic way. If you watch it, it will be the best hour you will ever spend.

From the CBC writeup:
"Delivering a hard bodycheck to received wisdom, the art collective l’Atelier-National du Manitoba proclaims that history is written by losers — in this case, dazed and defeated Winnipeggers, who lost their professional hockey team to a city that doesn’t even have snow.

Using found footage, Atelier members Walter Forsberg, Matthew Rankin and Mike Maryniuk crafted Death by Popcorn, an art-house documentary about the long, unhappy demise of the Winnipeg Jets, who debuted in 1972 and were sold off in 1996 to become the Phoenix Coyotes. There are no happy endings, no big heroes, no last-minute cavalry charges in this tale. Just defeat piled on defeat, and that’s the way the Atelier likes it."

Download the torrent here.


Anonymous said...

the site says i need an invitation to register so i can download the documentary. can you send one to me?


Stu said...

done.. anyone else who wants one just let me know

Anonymous said...

i want one!!

Anonymous said...

uhm... could i maybe have one too? spanu@rogers.com. Thanks!

Nobody said...

can i get an invite? much appreciated!

keiran said...

Me too? I would love to see this doc.

Mike Leary said...

I'd greatly appreciate a copy.