February 14, 2007

TASvideos: Console Game Movies

I found this website after watching a compilation of insane Mike Tyson interviews on YouTube and seeing a link to a video of someone beating Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! in just under 18 minutes.

The video was removed from YouTube, though, I'm guessing because it was longer than their ten minute time limit. A quick google search led me to TASvideos.org where they have hundreds of downloadable movies of people beating different games in insane times.

From the website:
These are movies of classic console games being played extraordinarily, using an emulator as a tool to overcome human limitations such as skill and reflex
Although most of our movies intend to play games as fast as possible (tool assisted speedruns, if you will), with respect to art, our main goal is to create movies that are beautiful to watch.

We are a diverse community, and each of us has different opinions as to what can be considered art, but in general, we value creativity, variability, surprising outcomes, and speed.

Check it: http://tasvideos.org

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