April 17, 2007


i just got a new board game today named ZombieTown. im so excited to play it tonight. think I Am Legend with zombies.
its made by the ZOMBIES!!! people.....

this is hours after i finished writing whats above. i was in the middle of another zombies game
and i had to run.
yessss. i won.
i never really care if i win these games though.
its getting to feed my imagination with ravenous battles of the undead that drives the fun.

im going to play zombietown in the next couple days and write a commentary and fun things



Jonny Chance said...

isn't I am Legend basically with zombie vampires anyways? (sorry, i haven't actually read the book, but i aware of it... so I'm probably sounding/being read like an idiot!)

Chris said...

no problem. questions don't make an idiot. that sounds like yoda. or, idiot a question does not make.

if you haven't read it and want to: its a great little novel. exciting and sad. check it out. youve probably watched one of them-->

they are quite different from the book though.

i am legend spoiler---> (they are not the risen dead or under a voodoo trance or anything similar. by the end of the book they wouldn't even be called vampires.)

god, i wish he wrote a zombie novel. maybe he will. ya right.

oh and this is out soon, a third movie:
staring (roll) dum
dummmmm will smith...
fresh prince of vampires. weird casting?