February 01, 2000

Training For Utopia: Ryan Clark
Interview composed by SHZine: Feb 2000

The new album is drastically different from previous work- in artwork and lyrics too. Is there a different person or persons behind the concepts or is the band trying to change their image?

Well, we just wanted to go for a change. Change is good. We try to keep every record different from the next, and this record is a reflection of where we are at presently with music.

What led you guys to start playing around with electronic media?

Our friend Eric, who produced the record, had all the right tools and we were definatley into the sound, so we decided to try it out. We are pretty stoked on the outcome.

In an Hm article you mentioned, "Our goal was to create a completely different sound than Plastic Soul in every way." Why did you want to do that?

Just because we weren't pleased with Plastic Soul too much. We had a lot of issues with it, and we wanted the next record to be a lot different.

Are there or have there ever been any member changes in the band?

Just at the very beginning, before we recorded. We had a different singer.

Who would you say have been your musical influences and similarities compared to during your older material and now?

Hmmm. Bands that influenced us were Coalesce, Neurosis, Unsane, Karp, etc. So many bands.

What kind of people or bands have been interesting for you to meet or play with while touring or whatever.

We've played with Napalm Death, Neurosis, Samiam, a lot of great bands.

Some of your stuff is really dance/groove orientated. How does the crowd react to it? Do u guys like to dance around on stage?

Kids just mosh and dance pretty much. We don't really go off live anymore, we are too old now.

Thank you for your time...Any inspiring philosophies you'd like to share with the kids reading?

Be nice to each other.

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