June 01, 2000

Unwed Sailor, Roadside Monument: Jonathan Ford
Interview composed by SHZine - 2000

First off, do people ever call you Jono?
No one has ever called me Jono until now. Nicknames usually annoy me, names like k-rock have to go.
How's working with a new drummer going?
Donnie, our new drummer, is doing very well. He hits really hard, plus he is an awesome person. We couldn't be happier.
Who all plays in Unwed Sailor?
Unwed Sailor's lineup is always changing. We do have the core members though, that would be me, Nic, Christian and Donnie. Our friend Kevin plays the bells and extra bass parts. If I need any other instruments I will enlist my friends to play. Everyone can play in Unwed Sailor.
What led this band to start up?
Unwed Sailor really came together in september of 98 right before I moved to Chicago. I had some bass lines written and i really wanted to make them into full instrumental songs, so i asked Dave and KC to help. We got together a few times and wrote the EP. The whole process happened in a couple of weeks.
You were involved in the last Frodus album. How do you relate to those guys?
I love the guys in Frodus. I went on tour with them for a couple of months and I had some of the craziest experiences of my life. I was with them when they recorded Conglomerate [International] and I had the privelage of singing with them on the album. They are great people in a great band.
In the past you've played in bands such as Fellsway and Roadside Monument. How was your experience in these bands? How is Unwed sailor different from those bands?
Fellsway was a short lived band, we recorded and played two shows, that was it. Our shows consisted of flailing ourselves around and giving each other stitches, it was exhilirating.
Roadside was a much more serious endeavor, it was my life for three years. My playing in Roadside was an aggressive reflection of my personality.
Unwed Sailor is a more laid back band. It is not so strenuous. It is a reflection of my life experience, and the hope I have in my relationship with God.
What kind of people/musicians have influenced you over the years?
I have a lot of influences... I grew up listening to classical music. The first music I liked was instrumental music, I listened to a lot of movie soundtracks too. I am influenced by a lot of 80's music also... New Order, The Smiths, Psychedelic Furs, etc.
As far as aggresive music goes... Barkmarket, Today is the Day, etc. I like anything with passion. Honestly, one of my biggest influences would be Pedro the Lion; I really respect Dave, as a person and a musician.
Do you ever warn people of the end of the world?
Not on a regular basis...
Are you inspired to say anything to the readers?
I know that right now in my life I am really learning to wait on God. There are things that I really want in my life. It is really hard for me to be patient in waiting... I always feel myself getting freaked out and anxious, that is when I start trying to control things and people, it is really lame. I think it is important to rest and trust in God for everything in your life. I am also learning that God really cares about what we want, He wants us to be happy and He wants to make all of our dreams come true. I believe that He will.
How do you feel about TV and the media today compared to the 80's?
I honestly dont watch that much tv today. In the 80's I did. I think the 80's had a pop innocence to it... it seems like everything was kind of dreamy then. I do like the 80's much better than the 90's. A lot of things in the 90's seem fake and forced to me, and that includes tv and the media.

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