February 01, 2002

Uway Today: Yu-wei
Composed by Lux - February 2002
The Following interview is with the one and only Yu Wei of the legendary band Uway Today from Langley, BC.

Lux: so Yu Wei, tell me... what do you think of sharks?
Yuwei: the fish?
Lux: yeah the fish
Yuwei: I think they are scary... really scary. I watched the Jaws series and they scared me. I'll never be near the sharks.
Lux: Anyways moving on topic, When did your band form and how?
Yuwei: Uway Today started in 2001 September...wait, no... it started in... I forgot when.
Lux: okay good enough
Yuwei: December!! December of 2001!! December!!
Lux: now were getting somewhere
Yuwei: Uh huh, that was close
Lux: what about animal joy club wasn't that like Uway Today or something, just a different name? that was well over a year ago
Yuwei: oh yeah, that was a band me, Mat and Andrew started, it's in the past now... I don't want to talk about it. I mean it was fun while it lasted, when we sang songs about animals and stuff....
Lux: And trees, hugging trees, if I remember correctly??
Yuwei: trees, mmmmm yes
Lux: Remember S Club Sandwich? we ruled... let's have a reunion and play really badly.
Yuwei: and S CLUB SANDWICH should have a reunion
Lux: What would have to happen to make you feel like you should end the band? Yu Wei Today I mean...
Yuwei: do you know paper are made from trees? papers? ya know?
Lux: yes I know
Yuwei: OK
Lux: were on the next question now
Yuwei: oh yeah... end the band question, right?
Lux: right
Yuwei: OK, I'll never end the band unless they kick me out but again, if they do kick me out, I'll kill them with sharks
Lux: that will never happen the bands named after you kinda
Yuwei: * :( it's not named after me*
Lux: *its not?*
Yuwei: Uway Today stands for Do IT YOUR WAY TODAY
Lux: Riiiiiiight... How did you come to play the type of music you play?
Yuwei: I used to be a big grunge fan then mat showed me what punk is
Lux: woo I like grunge... mat IS punk
Yuwei: ha ha, mat is punk and Kyle is emo
Lux: what about Blaire?
Yuwei: Blair is heavy metal but I've always been a big 80's fan I love DURAN DURAN
Lux: that's why I love you So... what the heck are you guys singing about?
Yuwei: we sing about ourselves and people around us it's easier that way...easier to write
Lux: do you have any songs about me or your computer or our computer love affair?
Yuwei: let me think ummmm
Lux: I didn't think so
Yuwei: I'll start write some
Lux: do it, and ill write one about how I miss your hair bands and science class
Yuwei: science class was fun
Lux: I loved electrojuice and Mr. Lowen. Next Question....What is the longest set you've ever played?
Yuwei: the longest set was back in Animal Joy Clubs we played 12 songs or so
Lux: uh huh
Yuwei:But OH OH OH ELECTROJUICE!! that was such a good movie. best thing ever to happened in Science 10!
Lux: I know we should get a copy or borrow it and have a movie night, you me and Andrew
Yuwei: yeah, totally...it's a must have though, so better to buy it...ya know?
Lux: tell me about your live performances... what are they like?
Yuwei: mat is fun to watch...Kyle is fun to watch too...Blair is fun to watch...me boring :'( all I have is my long hair
Lux: uh huh and nice hair it is
Yuwei: *smiles*
Lux: so what happened with Andrew? I miss that boy
Yuwei: Andrew decided to get on with his new life and I'm happy for him
Lux: if you see him tell him to call me back sometime
Yuwei: he is too good for us know
Lux: he's too good for me too
Yuwei: ::sigh:: Electrojuice
Lux: Oh electrojuice. How do you describe your band to your mom? (has she ever been to one of your shows? if so, what was she wearing? How did she react to the crowd?)
Yuwei: she never been to one. oh yeah she came to one... it was almost the end of the set at Douglas Rec Centre and we all started fighting with the crowed *not my mom*.
Lux: being from langley and all... have you ever tipped a cow?
Yuwei:what does tipping mean? tipped a cow? what is that?
Lux: nevermind well move on
Yuwei: cows=sharks... don't be near them
Lux: so does Uway today ever get in fight/disagreements?and if so how do you make up?
Yuwei: oh yeah, sometimes.... we just talk to each other after
Lux: horray for communication
Yuwei: yes! HORRAY! ummm electrojuice
Lux: how do you feel about electro juice? does it get you hot?
Yuwei: two thumbs up and No it doesn't get me hot *nervous*
Lux: are you the devil?
Yuwei: I'm an angel
Lux: Do you believe in the devil? What does he look like?
Yuwei: I don't believe in the devil but he looks like he is red and has horns
Lux: What's the shittiest job you've ever had?
Yuwei: I enjoyed all the jobs I had. they were all good
Lux: Who was your favorite character on the early 90s hit television show Full House?
Yuwei: Joey, he is fun I tell ya
Lux: If you could play a show anywhere in the world that you wanted (including like on The Empire State Building or in Antarctica or anything wild like that) where would it be?
Yuwei: Japan, so I can see Ultraman and stuff
Lux: What is your favorite rock video from the Eighties?
Yuwei: it was a Tears By Fears video. Head over heels? something like that, it was great
Lux: If you could have a mascot (animal, vegetable or mineral) what would it be? How would you incorporate it into your performance?
Yuwei: definitely an animal.... incorporate , eh? that's the biggest word I see today. I don't know, I don't think I'll ever have a mascot for my performance. it'd be so hot and I'll get all itchy and stuff and I hate that
Lux: What is the largest animal you've ever petted? Have you ever ridden a tractor? a bulldozer? How about those big boats with the fans on them?
Yuwei: Jack, Jack is big I tell ya. never ridden a tractor. no big boars... wait!! I think I was on a boat once and it was stupid I puked after
Lux: Do you care whether I like your band or not?
Yuwei: I do I hope people like us but I like you guys too
Lux: do you like you?
Yuwei: yes I do like you, I mean me but I do like you too and electrojuice. I love all my friends believe it or not, I consider all my friends my best friends
Lux: alright that's the end of my interview. ill post it on SHZine ASAP.
Yuwei: are you serious? lol
Yuwei: well, thank you

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