March 01, 2002

Wailing Corpse - Jer O'Corpse
Interview composed by Stephen - March 2002
Stephen: Who are you?
Jer: Jer O'Shea of wailing corpse
Stephen: And your role in the band?
Jer: Wailin'
Stephen: So how long has wailing corpse been together?
Jer: A couple of months! Long enough to wail.
Stephen: How did it start?
Jer: With Matt, Tyler, Russ and I deciding to make an Iron Maiden tribute band.
Stephen: So you would say Iron Maiden is your inspiration?
Jer: Yes... Maiden does rules!!
Stephen: Wouldn't you say your a little young to have caught the Iron Maiden movement of the 80's?
Jer: Yes, but does that really matter? The answer is NO!
Stephen: Is there anything you need to do be able to keep up with the awesome power of Iron Maiden? I mean, it takes quite a bit to rock as hard as them.
Jer: True, very true. You need to listen to Maiden every day at least twice and rock hard all the time!! You may also need a guitar.
Stephen: Any prayers to the metal gods above?
Jer: (laughs)
Stephen: Now, people have said your stage shows are magical all on their own. Do you feel responsible to provide theatrics along with your musical medium?
Jer: Very much so. No one just wants to watch a guy run around all regular. So, why not just through on some face paint, wield hatchets, and have skulls with eye's that light up... That's Metal!!
Stephen: Who would you say are you inspirations for your stage theatrics?
Jer: King Diamond, Alice cooper, and maybe a bit of KISS!! Oh and Maiden!!
Stephen: So do you preform any of your own material?
Jer: Yes. We have two performed songs called DEATH FROM ABOVE and DEFENDERS OF THE FIRST WORLD. We have several others written but not practiced. One is called BIRD OF PREY and another is called WE ARE THE DEAD!!
Stephen: "We are the Dead"? Would you say your going for a fantasy feeling with your songs rather than a songs dealing with reality?
Jer: Yup... who cares about reality, we are not a band that sings about their parents beating them or something lame like what I did on Friday night. Frankly, if I sang about that you'd be bored to death because I don't do much on Friday night!!
Stephen: What's the future hold for Wailing Corpse?
Jer: Well the truth is... I'm not to sure how long it shall last... Russ (bass) and me (wailing) are possibly moving to Penticton!
Stephen: So the band is gonna break up?
Jer: I'm not sure... I think Russ has found someone to take his place but I have not.
Stephen: How do the other members feel about this line-up change?
Jer: I'm not too sure.
Stephen: So what are your aspirations for the band with the little time you have left in the band?
Jer: We need to rock as hard as we can and spread the greatness of maiden and quality 80's rock... but most of all I really want to play with Three inches of Blood because they bring the wailing of 80's metal and the screeches of hardcore and add them to create a metal sandwich!
Stephen: Any final comments for ladies out there?
Jer: to the hills, run for your lives and, keep on rockin.
Stephen: Thanks very much.

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