March 01, 2002

HUNX - Gravy Train!!!
Composed by Lux - March 2002

Here we go 2... 3... 4...

So tell me who is Gravy Train?

Hunx, Chunx, Funx And Drunx!!!!!

How did you bitchez come together to form such a kick ass band?

We all worked at the same telemarketing joint.

How would you describe your music?

Ho rap.

Where does such genius lyrics spawn from?


What is the root of your inspiration?


What are you hotties singing about?

Burgers and fries and animal style.

Describe a typical show of yours. I havent seen you guys play yet, What should i expect?

Hot ass humpz.

When are you gonna come play in the Vancouver, BC area?


Can I be a Gravy Train groupie?

Hello doctor.

Being in such a hott band and all do y'all get a lot of action?

Taking applications for booty donataions.

What is your drink of choice?

Boones farm.

Isn't The Menz EP on KRS now?? That must be pretty exciting.

I think they're doing our LP- "HELLO DOCTOR" in jan 2003.

What are your goals for Gravy Train?

To be big enough that I can throw out fliers for my salon and get a huge line outside.

Any plans for another album?

Hello doctor!

What excites Gravy Train?

Spicy menz.

Favorite Full House Character?

Uncle jessie.

What bands have you played with?

Bratmobile, Tight Broz, Polkadot Chokealot, 100s of Dismembered Hand Bags, Make Out Party, Neon King Kong, Gene Defcon.

Have any of you hoez been in any bands previous to GT?

I'm in Panty Raide.

Your music is very groovy. It makes me wanna dance. Do you guys enjoy dancing?


What would be the ultimate show? Who would you play with where would it be (anyone and anywhere)?

Le Tigre, Michael Jackson, Prince, Gravy Train!!!!, Destinys Child, L'Trimm, Roxanne Shante

If Gravy Train opened up an automotive shop what would they call it? HUGE TIME

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