March 29, 2002

Living without Hydro

by Stephen

    It's not everyday we get the luxury of living without electricity, yet i find myself right in the middle of one of
the strangest times of my life. There is so little to do without electricity. It's something I never seemed to think of until
I lost it.

The whole ordeal began about 2 weeks ago when we received a piece of mail insisting that we pay 1000 dollars by the next Tuesday
or else they were going to turn off the power. We all sat in our kitchen and laughed at the thought of not having power. It
was all quite funny to us. We never imagined it as we mocked it.

So we gave the letter to the guy that looks after all the bills in the house. He told us not to worry. Told us that BCHYDRO
wasn't allowed to cut the power in winter and that he had a plan to ensure we had it paid off in two months. We trusted him and
never thought about the possibility.

Tuesday morning, all of a sudden my alarm clock isn't glowing. Why could this be? I got out of bed and asked my room mates
what the deal was. They told me that we didn't have power anywhere. They told me that Hydro got cut. I was confused but I
quickly began to understand and joined in with the laughter coming from the thoughts of our possible future.

The sun set that day and we lit a fire. We also started up the candles. We have a record player that runs on batteries. We
play all our acoustic instruments. It's actually quite fun. It's like a power outage during a storm except your the only one
one the block.

Sometimes it sucks. For example, when you wanna shower with warm water. Or if you wanna cook. Or even do laundry. But
really, all that stuff is over rated. I'm happy to be the darkest house in downtown Abbotsford. Come visit me sometime, and
bring some blankets, candles, firewood and canned goods....please.....

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