March 29, 2003

More House

by Stu

  Living as a house gives great experience to those who would otherwise not rather see the light of day. With no eyes
to see the sun, or burning sky at mid-noon, a great conscience is built up and built into infernal draught.

  Suppose you
had two days to cry, and the rest for everything else on your list. Now what would be the first thing on your mind that day,
when your head is a hairpiece of thought and settling down could come easily. How could a functioning heart not cramp, as
its fear is substituted with the grief you've so longed for, giving away with stray chemistry. What had once and could again
happen was a time when coming to a conclusion meant a sacrifice of sweat and sleep over sugary clots, and a day would pass
in two instances of flesh and grey.

  As a house, there are rules of conduct within walls and roofs and carpeted floors. Laws of geometry and symmetry
conducted from laws of governing and sobriety to place colour coordination on a scale of spending and consolidation. There
is more to everything that comes and goes, sung under the porch this afternoon, and it all winds up a meaningless investment
of compassion.

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