March 29, 2003

Writing a Column

by Stu

I haven't written a column for a while. 'Why is that?' I ask myself, with open eyes and listening ears before me. I'm always
willing to share my thoughts and views with the world, but it usually comes out in a scattered form with disconnected words
trailing from my mind onto paper for about two sentences and then stopping altogether. And to be honest, lately there's been
nothing on my mind. No new bright ideas, or interesting stories, or wealth of information to entertain us all for the small
portion of our day that it would.

I have had a few ideas come up though, like how I was going to write about my adventures
in polyamoury, but that's over now and I can never remember anything past 2 days ago. I had another idea just earlier today
that I'd write about how growing up I wanted to be a bunch of different things, but what the hell is that? I think what would
be fun is if someone gave me a stupid idea and I could just make something up to go along with it. I'm sure that would get me
going, since I'm better it seems at writing when it's about some irrelevancy or made up situation.

Well look at that: I just wrote a column. Maybe next time it'll be longer, or more exciting, or filled with goo.

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