September 15, 2005

College Life

Another short day at school that started with a scratch in my throat indicating some sort of upcoming ailment I'll probably have to sit through.

Being a mature student in first year studies at college is a riot. It's a lot like a highschool inside a mall, only everyone is the same late teens or twenty-something age, which I guess isn't too different from some malls, but either way it's rather ridiculous. Another difference is the price out of your or your parents' pockets, which if being the latter it's not guarantied to change much in the way of attitude, but for the others it's quite the statement of realization.

The teachers are also prone to the atmosphere of new beginnings, but so far I've seen them caressing it a little too gently. When a list of big scary words are brought up in a lesson, we're assured that memorization of them isn't at all necessary. When mention of a quiz comes about, the consensus is that multiple choice and short answer are all that we can reasonably handle. So far the option to stay ahead of the game only means actually doing what we're told, which seems apt but is on the other hand it's a bit demeaning.

Anyways, I'm going to read up on why the fuck textbook prices are so high. I suppose the answer has an obvious direction towards corporate "strategies", but it's always fun looking for ways to tear down the pieces of economic "confidence".

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