September 14, 2005

In the Name of All That Is...

Alright already.

This forum will be my new medium of expression towards the crimes of humanity, the treacheries of gad brammar and of all that is holy in the sunken eyes of particle physics. If I have a beef with something, or a stupid new idea about anything, then I will be forcing myself to project my flittering thoughts onto this slate of vulnerability.

What in the sam hill am I onto anyways? Well since I've recently started my first year studies in Journalism, a logical turn of events would bring me to excercise my nonsensical inner dialogues by blabbering about whatever comes to mind.

My first ideal topic is this crucial headaches I've been having all day. And what the hell is this pain in my right arm? Really, I feel like an overweight 50 year-old man these days. I catch myself hardly breathing everytime I even think, and once in a while I'll have chest pains that feel like the onset of a heart attack.

It's probably contributed to by my smoking, but my posture is to blame too. Since my weight is only half that of an average human, my back is left to sway in the wind with no hips to secure it. I was waiting for the subway once, and this guy came up to me and noted how I was standing with my hands securing my lower back. I'd thought nothing of before in my entire life, but he told me he used to do that when he was really skinny because his back had no support. Well it's safe to say that I'm now concious of it every time I have to lean against a wall to keep my frailty from collapsing beneath me.

With that out of the way, I'll leave you with some headlines from today that you may have missed:

Inventor: I never used dead cats for fuel
Pssst...Where the devil is the exorcist convention?
Touch-and-go on an asteroid

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