February 21, 2006

Free Internet TV

via boingboing.net

If you head over to this website, you can have a chance to try out a new program that sort of works like a TV set on your computer. The "Democracy Player" lets you subscribe to different web channels by video RSS. At the moment the player's catalogue alone has over 300 channels to pick from in categories like music, comedy, news, sports, education, religion and even personal video blogs. So far it's pretty buggy, but still fun to play around with.


In other news, I'm on my reading week and I've been watching old NBA slam dunk contests I downloaded after watching this year's competition. The first one from '76 is hilarious, most of the players seem confused and unenthusiastic at most, but Dr J was the clear trailblaizer of the event's technique and style. It's disappointing watching a lot of the newer contests; after seeing the same dunks year after year, there's a real sense of a lack of creativity with most players.

Growing up, my friends and I would have dunk competitions when I had a small court and hoop on my driveway. The rim's height was adjustable, so we'd bring it down to about seven feet and break out our moves. One of my favourite dunks to emulate was Shawn Kemp's foul line jump in '91 when he lifted his right knee up and pulled back the ball. The best is calling the player's name in mid-air. "Jordan!".. "Bird!".. "Hardaway!"

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