October 19, 2006


Found in a box containing some much older photos.

Can you spot two members of Fun 100 and myself?

Answer: if you said the baby or the girl, you are wrong.

My art teacher reminds me of the teacher in Ghost World. They talk the same way and both have crazy hair. Her background is even in visual and performance art! It's eerie. Unfortunately, she is not a particularly good teacher.

We were supposed to paint a simple picture, and then repaint it with different color schemes as a refresher on color theory. For my picture I photocopied an illustration of the moon-landing from National Geographic and painted it several times, carefully following (although admittedly bending) the criteria.

I got it back recently with a mark of fifty percent. I didn't know you could get fifty percent on an art project, so I went and talked to Ms. Strychnine (er, Styran) about it. Apparently I was supposed to draw the picture myself. I meticulously studied the criteria and to my lack of surprise, no where did it say anything about drawing anything. I think I'll ask her a couple more questions about the marking process before I present my case.

I'm by far the youngest contributor here and I'll probably talk about high school far too much, but I don't have a job, and I live in Abbotsford, so give me a break!


Anonymous said...

You're right about Abbotsford, it's all highschool and kids without jobs.
Does being in a band count as a job?

Stu Hood said...

there's bruce! and ryan!


Andrea Wong said...


High school rocks the fuckin socks. It's actually the best motif found in art today. Yeah, you know it.

Fun 100 said...

i loved that penguins hat!