October 13, 2006

Attn: Blogger Nerds

I found a kind of work around for anyone having problems publishing to a blogspot blog through its FTP option. Requires PHP:

- Set publishing settings back to BlogSpot address option
- Create a very basic template for the Main page tag (see http://shzine-blog.blogspot.com/)
- Copy your website's template for the Item page tags (http://shzine-blog.blogspot.com/2006/10/attn-blogger-nerd.html)
- On your website's index or blog index page, through php include your blogspot index page. (i.e. readfile("http://shzine-blog.blogspot.com/index.html");)

That's how this blog is currently set up. The only difference is that the individual posts won't be hosted on your server. Basically, you're just pointing to your blogspot blog php's remote include function.

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