October 11, 2006

Mulitple Blogging

Online journaling is a mess these days. Half the people I know post on LiveJournal, another half post on MySpace or Friendster, and the last half have their own blogs. RSS is great for reading multiple blogs from different sources, but I wouldn't mind finding something that would post to Blogger, LiveJournal and wherever else at the same time.

Anywho, everyone I know, myself included, is sick this week. I think SARS is back or something. I remember suring the SARS scare here in Toronto I was actually getting sick. I got over it, though, with the help of Mick Jagger and Angus Young.

Oh yeah. Last night there was a flash of lighting and this crazy roar of thunder that went on for a good ten seconds. The whole house was shaking like the city was being bombed or something. It was the only thunder and lighting I saw or heard all night too. So weird.

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Daniel said...

I love thunder storms. We don't really get good ones here on Vancouver Island. I guess we can't have the most beautiful scenery in Canada, and the most awesome thunder storms too. That would be too great.