November 30, 2006

Band You Should Know about #7

I can't really explain this band all that much.
They sing about Wombats and Spacking Chairs.

From their website:
"McThing are a noise pop collective unlike any other you are ever likely to hear. Curled down fresh from the arsehole of a small retarded provincial town called Peterborough, the band features a veritably brash and rambunctious compendium of assortedly fucked up 'musicians' and henchmen.

McThing's aim has always been to push the boundaries of musical absurdity. With spitefully pillaged riffs and sounds ripped off from anyone and everyone- the end result of which is a raging vomitarium of piping hot regurgitated musical chunks guaranteed to leave their mark on you like an exploding dunny."



Al said...

that spackle chair song is CRAZY!! FIDDLE!

Stu Hood said...

progressive + alternative.. hoooo yeah