December 01, 2006


November 25th. Vancouver.
Photos taken by Jaosn

I had known about this show for a while and I was more interested in the whole event of it. Here is Budgie's Burritos, a small joint situated on Kingsway, an overlooked corner of Vancouver. They had planned to have the band INSIDE. It's TINY! Planned also was an eating contest. Three burritos in fifteen minutes or as much as you can eat in the alloted time frame. We are talking burritos the size of babies. So I HAD to see how this went down...

I met up with Jason, and some friends and we saw a bunch of people already there, and the place next door to Budgie's was open and selling "root beer". Yes. A few moments later the eating contest was about to start. My man Joel Tong had entered and I knew he would overcome. One dude's strategy was to cram as much as he could as quick as he could between gulps of water. Maybe not the best plan because he puked and lost. Bummer. Joel just looked over to him and took his time. Anyway, I was getting pretty into this "root beer" and it was my birthday so this review is hazy. So Joel won I guess.

Then the doers started playing. With a new lineup of male energy, most notably with their new drummer. It was kind of like having the worst possible venues to have a band play, and it having the BEST possible venue a band could play. Everyone was crowding the doorway and spilling out onto the street. It was pretty cool. Then... I think... Oh yeah! I got a free burrito! That was cool too.

So yeah.

That was a fun night, and the cops didn't show up.


Al said...

good pics jasososoososn.

jaosn said...

thanks duuuuuuude!