November 13, 2006

Calling bullshit in my city.

From returning to this city of glass and rain, I found myself to be a little out of sorts with the goings on, and trends/fads that annoy and frustrate me. So, I would like to call bullshit on the following. Yes, I do accept hate mail, and I would love it if you had some feed back. Boom.

calling bullshit on (in no particular order)

-Facial hair. (we have come to the point now where this is no longer ironic, or "pressing the boundaries of being hip")

-Neckerchiefs. (I like these as much as the next guy, but COME ON!)

-Denim. (we can thank all the age-demographic focus groups who tell us what we want. And I don't want PRE FADED, PRE RIPPED denim)

-Bands who take off their clothes.(more of a drummer thing that has been going on for ages, I just can't stand that shit? Where are you? In a Russian sauna? It's not that hot.

-The whole band name with animals in to has got to go. Where is the creativity in this new age?

-People taking Mypace ect.. Way too seriously. Its a tool. Use it as you see fit. But you wouldn't take your power drill that seriously would you? Or get mad about the power drill not leaving comments on your page?

-Vancouver is more or less stoned. That's totally fine with me. I have a beef with "stoner culture" (eg. Take me to your dealer ect..) I feel ashamed of these people.. And anyways, where is the loud music in this city?

-76 dollar bus passes. What the fuck? Pass the gold bricks because most major cities make transit CHEAPER for the poor.

I have lots. Just thought I would write something. A rant. No big deal..
enjoy your stat holiday. Look what they fought for! Text messaging and the 59 cent fast food item.


Stu Hood said...

Out here bus passes are like $100.. BALLS!

Al said...

still the transit system is FUCKED here.
montreal and TO both have very efficent and convinient (metro anyone?) transit systems..
vancouver is not on par.. not on par..

Anonymous said...

i like negativity too.

if you hate so much about the city, why are you here?

Al said...

i like anonymous questions from ahem, "secure" people such as yourself..leave yer real name. i did! it wasn't that hard!

did i say i HATED vancouver? no. i called bullshit(my opinions) on certian things that annoy/frustrate me. in fact, i moved BACK to vancouver for the people that live there, and isn't that the best reason to move? not the scenery, but the people and things that keep you in a city...

to be honest too, i do hate some things about the city (everyone does) but that wouldn't stop me from living here. If it did, it would have to be something HUGE, like, the cherry blossoms shooting lazer beams..
anyways, im stoked that you left that comment. thats the point right? talking! have a rad day!

jaosn said...


Al said...

the loud music in vancouver today is practicing every saturday...
you have been warned.

laine said...

I call bullshit on borrowed notions. ;)

Andrew said...

I don't think you can talk shit on facial hair..Granted facial hair has gone through some significant irritating stages(the stoner beard+neckerchief, the ironic mustache), but I think that people in this city have finally gone beyond all the silly ideas of facial hair being representational of anything (coolness, hipness, avant guard). It's been so worn. The only significance facial hair has is that it may or may not make us look more masculine or stylish. Its all personal style, and some people look better with a stash or a beard. Some don't. Simple as that. See ya on friday dudlar.

Tanya said...

We've talked about this before... yes. myspace a tool only a bit different to a power drill. Still, I WOULD get extremely mad at my power drill if it didn't do what i told it to! Fuck that power drill~!