November 13, 2006

myspace band of the day


usually i'm ok for mondays to go to work, but today. just didn't want to at all, but i made myself hop into my car and drive to the office. when i got there i decided to make myself a pot of coffee. i sat down at my desk and started to upload pictures onto the server so i could load them onto a webpage and blah blah blah when i thought to myself " hey! jaosn! i wonder if there are any good songs about coffee?" of course! ill find some songs about coffee and put that up at the myspace band of the day. so, i logged onto myspace and typed in "coffee". 24 fucking pages of "coffee" i found one band called the coffee addicts with a song called "cum flavored coffee" and i was sold! "grind"core coffee metal! i listened and realized that one of the songs if from a tv show on the cartoon network. but still, songs about coffee! COFFEE!!!!


and what goes really nicely with coffee? other than cigarettes or whisky? why BOOKS OF COURSE!
this automatically made me think of another band called "bloodhag"
they are from Seattle and play edu-core metal. basically they sing about their favorite sci-fi authors and play shows in libraries and high schools. i saw them once at metalfeist about 4 years ago in Seattle when i went to go see the abodoX and three inches of blood. all i can really remember from seeing bloodhag was that they would question the audience about George Orwell and other authors and then throw books at people if they were wrong.
also they did this a lot.
" this next song is about Kurt Vonnegut. BLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

here they are in all of their literary glory!


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